Thursday, 26 February 2009

Still under Arrest

Still under arrest but now being moved towards convoy in Gabes. They even object if we need the toilet! There's a demonstration planned outside the Tunisian embassy today by stop the war coalition. Two women have been arrested and roughly treated.


  1. God be with you
    and may you pass through safely

  2. Hi Greg, I'm John's sister Siobhan. We are all a bit concerned about his safety (and yours!). Is everything ok? I heard you and him had a bit of trouble on Wed night.

  3. Hi Greg, I'm John's sister Siobhan. Are you both safe? What happened Wed night? Tell our boy I said hello and to keep it country! By reading your blog, he appears to have lost it a few times! Your blog is great and gives a brilliant account of the journey. Keep up the great work.

  4. Greg,
    I am from Libya, and just to let you know that we in Libya people and government extend our deep appreciation of you and your friends are doing for Gaza and all Palestinians.
    Libya welcomes you and wish you God speed and may Allah the allmighty delivers you to your destination safely and achieveing your Historical Goals.
    we are all watching you and amazed by your group's dedication and commitment to this just cause.
    we can only stand and bowe our heads to you in respect and gratitude.