Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Driving across Spain

Yesterday we drove across Spain through Salamanca and Seville to the port of Tarifa. A beautiful drive across mountains in glorious sunshine. Again we drove for over 14 hours and slept as best we could in our vehicles at the dock. A can of Guinness has never been so welcome.

Teamed up along the road with some great brummies and a fire engine being driven by a mad but lovely Pakistani from the North of England, an Aussie arab who swears like a trooper and a circus performer from north Wales. All together for the same reason. We keep each other's morale going and carrying on everything from quizzes to story telling over the walkie talkies.

I'm now on a ferry to Tangier. From there we might stay with a team member's father or crack on into the new day. The convoy is supposed to be at a reception this afternoon but if its just another excuse for the so called leadership to blow smoke up their own ... then no one is interested. We are learning to do it for ourselves.

WE will get to Gaza!

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