Monday, 16 February 2009

Leaving London

Leaving the rally in London was chaos. No one knew the way! My friend, dancer Phil Williams had to choreograph us from his motor bike before waving goodbye, as we headed for the ferry.
A good crossing meant food and 2 hours sleep. From Ostend we drove through the night stopping for two more hours sleep. We arrived in bordeau at 10.30 Sunday night, having been up since Thursday. Epic chaos, but all focussed and inspired by each other’s goodwill.


  1. I had never "Choreographed" a convoy before, Thanks for the opportunity. Another thing to add to my CV. Life is never dull with you Greg. Hope you are getting to grips with the 7.5t truck, as i said, just like driving a car...
    Best wishes as always to you both X

  2. Looking back at that day its a wonder we ever got there! I mean, a convoy to Gaza that gets lost in London! Couldn't make it up!