Thursday, 19 March 2009

JR is a bear with giant's feet
His lip luscious smile
Can both ears meet
A heart so big
A river flows
That's why JR
Needs such big toes.
JR is a bear with a hairy chin
And a great big belly
To store food in.
This bear speaks with a Brummie hum,
Each sentence sounds
Like a question hung
In an air so warm
Good humour basks,
He'll scratch your back
If you were to ask.
JR is a cabbie in Oxford town
Who for a fee'll drive you around
At the end of the night
When there's no more lifts
This bad old bear
Rolls a big fat spliff.
JR is a bear who hugs his friends
His embrace can crush
But we soon mend
He means no harm,
Hates those who do
And they'll be kicked
By the bear's big shoe.

JR is a bear
With many loves,
His cubs, mummy bear
And great God above.
When other bears growl, scratch and fight,
Jr weeps into the night.
"The thing is, right"
Said the great big bear,
"There's wrong in the world and we have to care".
So he bade farewell to those he loves,
Placing his faith is great God above,
He strode into the big bad world
His pumping heart a flag unfurled
To Gaza and the poor bears there
His strength and love
With them to share.
Now I'm not sure if he hibernates,
But if he did
He'd invite his mates
For our JR is a bear who gives
And we all feel safe
That such bears live.
Gaza 2009 (After the battle of AlArish)


  1. Hehe ... I didn't know the guy but your poem makes me want to know him .. big bear with big heart .. class !!

  2. lol wow I want to meet him now
    God Damn the egyptian mafia ('govt') for the time they gave you